ARM SAS Documentation for Version 9

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The V9 ARM Log Format

This document describes the format of the records that are cut by the SAS ARM Agent/Logger.

V9 and later format

The V9 format for ARM log records was created to minimize the performance hit of cutting ARM records. It does minimal formating and delimits each item with a comma. There is no option to control the format of the ARM log in ARM 2.0/V9.

The ARM 2.0 log can be processed by the %ARMCONV record to produce the ARM 1.0 log format. The ARM 1.0 log format is used as input to %ARMPROC in V8.2. Caution: The ARM 1.0 log produced does not contain all the measurements formerly done by the V8 SAS ARM Agent.

CPU times are stated in seconds.microseconds, %ARMPROC converts the CPU time values to seconds in floating point format.

The format of the V9 ARM Log records is as follows:

I - Initialize Application


NOTE: On any systems that cannot produce "User cpu time", this value will be the same as "wall clock time". Cpu time and wall clock time are in milliseconds.