ARM - Application Response Measurement


Processes an input ARM log and writes out six SAS data sets that contain the gathered information from the log

Type: ARM post-processing macro




is the SAS data library output that contains the six data sets.
         Default: Work
is the input pathname for the ARM log file. If a pathname is not supplied using the LOG=, you should pre-assign the ARMLOG fileref before you call the macro.
is the pathname of new ARM log file to be used when ARM processing resumes.
Note:   LOGNEW is valid for Release 9.0 and later.  



The %ARMPROC macro will process an input ARM log and write out six SAS data sets that contain the gathered information from the log. This macro reads the variable name and value pairs from the ARM log as named input (var=value).You should either pre-assign the ARMLOG fileref prior to calling the macro or supply the LOG= parameter.

Note:   The %ARMPROC macro does not work from SCL.   


The ARM log external file is the input.


The %ARMPROC macro creates six SAS data sets. These SAS data sets contain information from calls to the ARM API functions. The six SAS data sets are

Data Set Contents
init contains information from all arm_init calls
getid contains information from all arm_getid calls
start contains information from all arm_start calls
update contains information from all arm_update calls
stop contains information from all arm_stop calls
end contains information from all arm_end calls

See documentation on ARM log for more details.


Example 1: Basic usage

filename ARMLOG 'd:\armlog';
proc print data=work.end;


Example 2: Supply LIB= and LOG= parameters