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Publishing Framework

The Publishing Framework is a feature of SAS® Integration Technologies and is used by many SAS software products for enterprise-wide information delivery.

For any updates or hot fixes that are required before you can migrate, see the baseline requirements topic.


caution Any explicit or direct ACT permissions on the 9.1 'Publish-Subscribe' folder (and its contents) are migrated. However, because the migration relocates this folder (and reorganizes its contents), inherited permissions might differ after migration. You might have to manually open up access under SAS Folders > System->Publishing after migration.
After migration, the relocation of the folder can cause changes to permissions that are inherited from parent folders. For more information about inherited settings, see SAS Intelligence Platform: Security Administration Guide.

caution Content channel channel-name is currently defined with an archive persistent store location of pathname. The archive packages (.spk) will not be migrated. You will need to manually copy these files to the new filesystem.
Copy the .spk files as binary files by using operating system commands or a tool like FTP.