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SAS® OpRisk VaR and SAS OpRisk Monitor

For any updates or hot fixes that are required before you can migrate, see the baseline requirements topic.


caution Refer to the SAS OpRisk Monitor 4.1: Administrator's Guide for instructions on migrating your OpRisk Monitor solution data.
The migration document ships to customers with the software.

caution Refer to the SAS OpRisk VaR 4.1 and SAS OpRisk VaR 4.1 Consortium Tool: Configuration Editor for instructions on migrating your SAS OpRisk VaR data store(s).
The migration document ships to customers with the software.

caution Migration of this SAS environment is not recommended. This version of SAS OpRisk VaR Server is not at the required version and needs to be upgraded in order to use the automated migration processes.
The previous deployment must be at SAS OpRisk VaR Server 4.2 or later.

caution Customizations made to SAS OpRisk VaR Server are the user's responsibility to migrate. Such customization could include:
This message includes a list of item that you must migrate or re-configure manually. Instructions are available in the documentation.

caution A copy of the existing configuration directory for SAS OpRisk VaR Server has been stored in the migration package. Note: These files will not be migrated to the new system.
The files are compressed and stored in the SAS Migration Utility package, which is located in the orvarcfg directory of the package. You can extract the files (using standard uncompression commands such as zip, gzip, and tar) to the location of your choice.

Contributing to Migration

The migration team appreciates your feedback. Send e-mail to with questions and comments for our developers, testers, and writers.