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Object Spawner

The SAS® Object Spawner is a component of the SAS configuration. The spawner listens for incoming client requests and launches server instances as needed.

For any updates or hot fixes that are required before you can migrate, see the baseline requirements topic.


caution Conflict over port number found between server-name-1 and server-name-2.
You can ignore this message if server-name-1 and server-name-2 are the same server (for example, Connection: Connect Server and Connection: Connect Server). Contact SAS Technical Support if the two servers are different.

caution No server(s) are assigned to spawner-name. This spawner will not be migrated
Workspace and stored process servers are launched by the object spawner. If you are migrating either of these servers, then the spawner must be migrated as well. In such a case, this message indicates that the spawner is valid, but the links between the spawner and the corresponding servers are broken. You must established the links again before you migrate.

If you are not migrating the workspace or stored process server, then you do not need to migrate the spawner, and no action is necessary.

caution The server name contains characters not compatible with target SAS version. Please remove the incompatible characters from server name before migration.
Correct the name of the server in the previous deployment's SAS Management Console, and run SAS Migration Utility again.

The naming convention in the SAS Management Console has changed. In SAS 9.1.3, the forward slash and backslash characters are supported in server names, but in SAS 9.2 and later these characters are not supported. Other unsupported characters in server names include control characters (e.g., tabs, newlines) and leading or trailing blanks. The name must not be greater than 60 characters, and must be specified (non-null).

ok Spawner definition not found in metadata server.
This is informational message. No action is needed unless you expected to find a spawner definition.