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SAS® Financial Management

For information about migration tasks, contact your on-site SAS support personnel to see the SAS Performance Management Solutions: Migration Guide.

For any updates or hot fixes that are required before you can migrate, see the baseline requirements topic.


caution Stored Process metadata will be migrated from subordinate repositories into Foundation.
This is an informational message. The Stored Process metadata and the associated .sas file are migrated. However, if you have done any customizations in the previous release that include any other supporting files, you probably need to migrate those files manually.

caution Workflow customization will not be migrated.
If you had workflow customizations in SAS Financial Management 4.4, you can use the same stored processes in SAS Financial Management 5.1. However, some setup is required, both in SAS Management Console and in the JVM options for the managed server to which you deployed SAS Financial Management. Follow the instructions in "Customizing a Workflow" in the SAS Solutions Services 5.1: Customization Guide. (Note: in SAS Financial Management 5.1, workflow stored processes must be defined in a common folder in the metadata repository.)

For information about the Java classes that might be used in a stored process, see "The SAS Financial Management API" in the same book.