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SAS® BI Dashboard

SAS BI Dashboard enables SAS Information Delivery Portal users to create, maintain, and view Web-based dashboards to monitor performance indicators.

For any updates or hot fixes that are required before you can migrate, see the baseline requirements topic.

For properties that you can specify for the SAS Migration Utility during analysis and migration, see the chapter about product-specific SAS Migration Utility properties in SAS Intelligence Platform: Migration Guide


caution A SAS BI Dashboard configuration directory is missing.
If you proceed with migration, the target SAS configuration of SAS BI Dashboard might be incomplete due to this missing file. Verify that the previous deployment's configuration is functional. If you determine that the previous deployment's SAS BI Dashboard is functioning properly, contact SAS Technical Support.

caution Customizations made to the SAS BI Dashboard are the user's responsibility to migrate. Such customization could include: [1] Java source (JSPs, additional class files), [2] Web applications, [3] Packages published to the file system (Archive Packages), [4] Portlets
For more information about these migration tasks, see SAS Intelligence Platform: Migration Guide.

caution Migration of this SAS environment is not recommended. This version of the SAS Migration Utility does not support migration for SAS BI Dashboard. See for more information.
Verify that you are using the SAS Migration Utility that is included in your order. A copy of the SAS Migration Utility is available to download for a preliminary analysis of your previous deployment. When you are ready to proceed with your migration, use the SAS Migration Utility that is included in your order to perform your analysis, assess requirements, and create the migration package. If you use a SAS Migration Utility other than the version included in your order, it might support a different set of products and components than your order, and the migration package could produce inaccurate results.

If your Migration Utility is correct and you still receive this message in any section of the Analysis Report, then you should wait to perform a migration of your deployment until the product is supported.

It is possible to create a migration package, and use that package to deploy the new system without the unsupported product. However, data associated with the unsupported product is not migrated. Later, when the product becomes supported and you want to add the product to your new deployment, you will be required to recreate all content, because you cannot migrate a single product with SAS Migration Utility.

For more information, contact SAS Technical Support.

ok You must manually migrate any data sources specified in the JDBC dsx file(s) by either 1) Moving the data under metadata control or 2) Continuing to use a libref that points to the workspace server's file system. If the latter is chosen, then you will need to manually fix the librefs in the JDBC dsx file(s).
For more information about DataSourceDefinition (.dsx) files, see SAS Intelligence Platform: Web Application Administration Guide.