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PROC MIGRATE Documentation

Beginning in SAS 9, the migration process is simplified with the MIGRATE procedure and validation tools. PROC MIGRATE not only copies or moves a library to the target installation, it also changes the members' file format to that of the most recent release of SAS, enabling you to exploit the full capabilities of the software. In addition, PROC MIGRATE provides some new functionality that the COPY, CPORT, CIMPORT, and CATALOG procedures do not.

The MIGRATE Procedure
is the formal documentation in the Base SAS Procedures Guide.

Migrating a Library with Validation Tools
presents brief instructions for running PROC MIGRATE with validation tools. The validation tools are SAS code in two files that you can download.

is an interactive tool that guides you to example code for your specific operating environment and library members.

Best Practices Migration with PROC MIGRATE
covers the typical workflow of a PROC MIGRATE migration, from backups through rollout. Includes best practices and special topics.