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Best Practices Migration with PROC MIGRATE: Migrate Files

Special Topic: Migrating ODS Templates

ODS templates in item stores (styles, tagsets, and tables) from a previous release might not be compatible in the current release. Template item stores are supported by PROC MIGRATE with some exceptions. However, the preferred method, which is always supported, is to use PROC TEMPLATE to update the template for the current release.

Use the SOURCE statement in PROC TEMPLATE to route your item store information to a .SAS file from SAS 9.1.3 or SAS 9.2, as follows. Set the STORE= option to the libref.template-store that you want to copy. Here is an example:

   proc template;
     source / file="c:\my-pathname\" store=sasuser.templat;

Now run the following code in the target SAS session to create an updated item store.

Prior to SAS 9.2, specify:

   proc template;
   %include "c:\my-pathname\";

In SAS 9.2 and later, the PROC TEMPLATE and RUN statements are included in the source code. Specify:

   %include "c:\my-pathname\";

Be sure to check the log after running PROC TEMPLATE code in the target environment. Also check the formatting that the template creates -- if a template inherits styles from a parent template, the parent might have changes in the new release.

Note that you might not want to migrate Output Delivery System (ODS) templates, because every release of SAS offers updated templates. Check What's New in SAS Output Delivery System: User's Guide for the current release.

You can see what templates you have in your source libraries by using the LIST statement. You can see the style settings in the current release of SAS by using the ODS MARKUP utility tagsets NAMEDHTML, STYLE_DISPLAY, and STYLE_POPUP.

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