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Best Practices Migration with PROC MIGRATE: Migrate Files

Migrating files to the target SAS installation is the third phase, after creating backups and benchmarks and installing SAS. As part of the installation, you have already validated that SAS is installed correctly and is performing correctly.

You might choose to migrate in stages. For example, you could migrate one workgroup at a time. Or you could identify the processes that need newer SAS features the most, and migrate them first.

Step 1: Update SAS programs and custom SAS applications
Update SAS code to run correctly for the newer release of SAS and for any differences in the target operating environment.

Step 2: Migrate data to the newer release of SAS
Use PROC MIGRATE to migrate data sets and other SAS files. For some files not covered by PROC MIGRATE, you can move them to the target and then recompile to save them in the newer SAS release.