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Best Practices Migration with PROC MIGRATE: Install SAS

In this phase of your site's migration, you install and configure the target SAS software. The SAS 9 installation process is more seamless than in Release 8.2:

Step 1: Set up the target operating environment
Create the computer operating environment that will run SAS.

Step 2: Run the source software in the target environment
Verify that the target operating environment is appropriately configured by running the "old" SAS software. This step is optional.

Step 3: Install SAS 9 and run SAS IQ
Run the SAS installations for the required products. Perform preliminary validation.

Step 4: Customize the installation
Customize for operating environment dependencies, third-party software, SAS configuration settings, and autoexec files.

Step 5: Run SAS OQ
Validate the behavior of SAS procedures, features, and functions for Base SAS and many other SAS products.

Best practices

Before you start the installation,