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Validating the Installation with SAS IQ or Verification Jobs

The SAS Installation Qualification tool (SAS IQ) validates the installation to check for misplaced or corrupted software files. In other words, it validates the installation process. This is a self-validating tool, so it does not require benchmarks of the source installation.

For SAS 9.1.3 and later releases, SAS IQ is supported on all Windows, UNIX, and OpenVMS environments that are supported by SAS. (Under z/OS, run the Verification Jobs instead.) See the following documents:

For SAS 8.2, SAS IQ is supported for Windows. See the readme file available at the download.

Validating the Installation

In the Best Practices Migration with PROC MIGRATE, you are directed to run SAS IQ or Verification Jobs after installation and iteratively after any customizations, before you migrate SAS data libraries to the target installation. Running the tool iteratively after each customization enables you to better pinpoint the cause of any error.

Validating the Software at a Later Date

You can also run the SAS IQ or Verification Jobs at any later date to verify the integrity of your installation. User-written files are not checked.