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SAS Scalable Performance Data Engine

SAS Scalable Performance Data (SPD) engine data sets from previous releases of SAS 9 are fully compatible in the current release. If you are staying on the same operating environment, you do not need to migrate your data sets to the new release.

However, cross-environment data access (CEDA) is not supported by the SPD engine. If you change to a different operating environment (for example, from 32-bit Windows to 64-bit Windows), then you must convert your data sets before you can process them in the new operating environment. To convert the data sets, use PROC CPORT and PROC CIMPORT. SPD data sets are not supported by PROC MIGRATE.

In addition, SPD and Base SAS data sets are not compatible.

For more information about the SPD engine, see the SAS Scalable Performance Data Engine: Reference.