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SAS OLAP Server and SAS OLAP Cube Studio

For compatibility of SAS 9.2 OLAP cubes in later releases, see "About Migrated OLAP Cubes" in SAS Intelligence Platform: Migration Guide.

Cubes that you build in SAS 9.3 and later are not supported on SAS 9.2 OLAP Server.

Peaceful Coexistence of Multiple Versions

You can install multiple versions of the products on the same computer. If you keep multiple versions of a cube, then be sure to store and reference the cubes in different locations. For more information about known coexistence issues, see the peaceful coexistence topic.

Upgrading from SAS/MDDB Server

As of SAS®9, the SAS/MDDB Server, which creates MDDBs, is a component of the SAS OLAP Server, which creates cubes. SAS 8 OLAP data is accessible in SAS®9. However, when you build or read SAS 8 MDDBs, you cannot take advantage of new SAS®9 features without re-creating the data as SAS®9 data. For conversion information, read about transitioning from Release 8.2 in the SAS online documentation. See also a SUGI 29 paper about moving forward to SAS OLAP Server.