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Planning Your Migration



These topics identify the time and process constraints that are specific to a migration project. Everyone has their own methodology for creating a project plan and timetable, so these topics do not steer you toward a specific scope or style. Instead, these topics suggest the individuals who can contribute to planning, as well as the processes and workflow that will be affected by the migration.

Your Providers and Customers

In this context, a provider supports the installation, and a customer uses SAS directly or indirectly.

Inventory of Roles
guides you through identifying the providers and customers of migration.

Early in your discovery process you might have read the above topic. Now take an inventory of the workgroups and their use of SAS. Together with the individuals in those workgroups, discuss issues in the following section.

Matching Resources to Needs

Here are some suggested resolutions to common migration needs. Select a link to see the details page.

Best practice

Set a review session to occur at the end of the planning phase. Review all decisions -- not just the time table and personnel budget, but also hardware, software, and so forth. This is advisable because many planning decisions are interdependent; that is, one decision can affect multiple areas of planning.