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Inventory of Migration Tools

Make a list of all the migration tools and utilities that you have and those that you need to obtain. Here are some suggestions.

Tools to Migrate Your Data and Other Files

    This is the new, premier migration tool. It should replace the copy procedures when you want to migrate a file to SAS 9 format. For instructions, start with the PROC MIGRATE Calculator, which guides you to example code for PROC MIGRATE in the Base SAS Procedures Guide (where you can find full syntax, details, and exceptions).

    SAS Migration Utility
    For SAS Business Intelligence, Data Integration, or Solutions that are metadata-based, the SAS Migration Utility analyzes and prepares your deployment for migration. See SAS Intelligence Platform: Migration Guide

    This SAS/ACCESS procedure converts an access descriptor or view descriptor to Version 9 format. It can also convert an access view to a PROC SQL view. See SAS/ACCESS for Relational Databases: Reference. But you can also use PROC MIGRATE to convert a SAS/ACCESS view from Release 6.12 or later to Version 9.

    See the SAS Procedures Guide and Moving and Accessing SAS Files.

    XPORT LIBNAME engine
    See Moving and Accessing SAS Files.

    SAS/CONNECT or SAS/SHARE software
    See Moving and Accessing SAS Files and the SAS/CONNECT User's Guide or the SAS/SHARE User's Guide.

Under certain circumstances, RLS is used with PROC MIGRATE. If you need RLS and you don't have access to SAS/SHARE or SAS/CONNECT software, contact the Customer Interaction Center (phone 1-800-727-0025 or send e-mail to

    File transfer protocol (FTP) software
    In-house or consultant-provided scripts

Tools to Validate the Migration

    Validation macros associated with PROC MIGRATE
    See the PROC MIGRATE documentation.

    SAS OQ and SAS IQ, or, in OS/390, validation jobs
    See documentation at the SAS Install Center. See also a discussion of the tools here in the validation topics.

    In-house or consultant-provided scripts