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Inventory of SAS Files for PROC MIGRATE

For help in locating and identifying the files, read about the default naming conventions and folder structure, as well as standard file extensions, in the SAS Companion for your operating environment. In the following lists, select a hyperlink to see more detail.

Files Supported by PROC MIGRATE

When you use PROC MIGRATE, you are not simply moving files; you are migrating a SAS data library to the current release of SAS so that you can take full advantage of SAS capabilities. For exact specifications, read the PROC MIGRATE documentation. For task-oriented usage, see the migrating data topics in the Best Practices Migration with PROC MIGRATE.

    SAS data file
    SAS data view
    PROC SQL view
    DATA step view (see exceptions)
    SAS/ACCESS view (see exceptions)
    SAS catalog (see exceptions)
    item store (see exceptions)
    MDDB file (see exceptions)
    DMDB file

Files Not Supported by PROC MIGRATE

    SAS file created before SAS 6.12 (SAS 6.09E for z/OS)
    stored compiled DATA step program
    stored compiled macro
    SPD engine (Scalable Performance Data engine) data set
    external file
    raw data other than SAS data file
    SAS program or application
    SAS autoexec file
    SAS log file
    report written by a DATA step
    CSS, JavaScript, GIF, HTML, and other files associated with ODS output
    transport file

What Not to Migrate

    SAS configuration file
    item store (see exceptions)
    ODS template (see alternate method)
    ODS documents item store
    SAS registry file
    SASHELP, SASUSER, and WORK libraries