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Cross-Release and Cross-Environment File Compatibility

Use the easy, interactive Compatibility Calculator to determine whether the compatibility you need is supported, or whether you must migrate or convert a file.


SAS strives whenever possible to support compatibility. An incompatible file has a different data representation or encoding than the current SAS session.

In SAS 8 and later, cross-environment data access (CEDA) enables access to many types of incompatible files. The access is automatic and transparent, but you must be aware of the restrictions. See Cross-Environment Data Access in SAS Programmer's Guide: Essentials.

SAS also continues to support many SAS 6 files with the V6 engine. See the topic about the V6 engine.

For compatible files, be sure to read about a few new file features that are not supported under previous releases.

If compatibility is not sufficient for your needs, see the PROC MIGRATE Calculator.

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