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Many of these papers were presented at SAS Global Forum.

Your Data Will Go On: Practice for Character Data Migration (.pdf)
by Edwin (You) Xie (2020)

Troubleshooting Encoding Issues When Integrating Data from Multiple Systems (.pdf)
by Lydia Sbityakov and Breanna Barton (2020)

The SAS® Encoding Journey: A Byte at a Time (.pdf)
by Mickael Bouedo (2020)

Latest and Greatest: Best Practices for Migrating to SAS 9.4 (.pdf)
by Alec Fernandez and Leigh Fernandez (2018)

Management and Usage of User-Defined Formats in the SAS Cloud Analytic Services Server (.pdf)
by Denise Poll (2017)

SAS and UTF-8: Ultimately the Finest. Your Data and Applications Will Thank You! (.pdf)
by Elizabeth Bales and Wei Zheng (2017)

How to Maintain Happy SAS 9 Users (.pdf)
by Margaret Crevar (2016)

Migration Planning Worksheet
for non-metadata based deployments, helps you start the planning process and provides links to all known migration issues. All of the links' URLs are provided so that you can print this document and work from a paper copy with your own notes.

Peaceful Coexistence: Multiple SAS® Releases
covers known issues when you install a new release of a SAS product side-by-side on the same machine as your existing release. Read this paper for important cautions and links to product-specific guidelines.