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Many of these papers were presented at SAS Global Forum.

Getting the Latest and Greatest from SAS 9.4: Best Practices for Upgrades and Migrations (.pdf)
by Jamie Williams. A quick overview of upgrade in place, promotion, partial promotion, and the SAS Migration Utility. (2017)

SAS and UTF-8: Ultimately the Finest. Your Data and Applications Will Thank You! (.pdf)
by Elizabeth Bales and Wei Zheng. Many crucial concepts for changing your data to UTF-8 (2017)

Preparing for a SAS 9.4 Deployment and Managing That Deployment Throughout Its Lifecycle (.pdf)
by Alec Fernandez and Leigh Fernandez. This paper demonstrates how to use Git, a tremendously popular, open-source, version-control system to manage, track, audit, and revert changes to your SAS configuration infrastructure. (2016)

How to Maintain Happy SAS 9 Users (.pdf)
by Margaret Crevar. To help SAS users remain productive, SAS administrators must ensure that SAS applications have sufficient computer resources, are properly configured and are monitored often. Understanding how all of the components of SAS work and how they are used by your users is the first step. (2016)

Feeling Anxious about Transitioning from Desktop to Server? Key Considerations to Diminish Your Administrators' and Users' Jitters (.pdf)
by Kate Schwarz and Margaret Crevar. Guidelines, plus architecture and performance considerations, that are essential to making a successful transition from using PC-based SAS to using SAS on a Windows server. (2015)

Latest and Greatest: Best Practices for Migrating to SAS 9.4 (.pdf)
by Alec Fernandez and Leigh Fernandez. An overview of the steps required to move SAS collateral from systems based on SAS 9.2 or SAS 9.3 to the current release of SAS 9.4. (2015)

Best Practices for Upgrading from SAS 9.1.3 to SAS 9.4 (.pdf)
by David Stern. Demystifies the process, with outline migration approaches for common scenarios and a scalable template project plan. (2015)

I Want the Latest and Greatest! The Top Five Things You Need to Know about Migration (.pdf)
by Josh Hames and Gerry Nelson. Keys to a successful migration with the SAS Migration Utility, including recent enhancements to flag product version compatibility and incompatibility. (2014)

Helpful Hints for Transitioning to SAS 9.4 (.pdf)
by Cindy Taylor. Insiders' practical tips for multi-tier deployments, from the SAS Customer Experience Testing team. (2014)

Migrating SAS Java EE Applications from WebLogic, WebSphere, and JBoss to Pivotal tc Server (.pdf)
by Zhiyong Li and Alec Fernandez. The motivation, technology, architecture, and advantages of a change in the SAS middle tier. (2014)

Help Me! Switch to SAS Enterprise Guide from Traditional SAS (.pdf)
by Andy Ravenna. Advantages of switching to SAS® Enterprise Guide® along with tips and other considerations. (2014)

Migration Planning Worksheet
for non-metadata based deployments, helps you start the planning process and provides links to all known migration issues. All of the links' URLs are provided so that you can print this document and work from a paper copy with your own notes.

Peaceful Coexistence: Multiple SAS® Releases
covers known issues when you install a new release of a SAS product side-by-side on the same machine as your existing release. Read this paper for important cautions and links to product-specific guidelines.