SAS Environment Manager

SAS Web Infrastructure Platform Data Server Monitoring & Management

SAS Web Infrastructure Platform Data Server (WIP Data Server) is an instance of Postgres and is currently detected as a Postgres resource in the SAS Environment Manager inventory model. Because SAS Environment Manager uses the WIP Data Server as its built in database backend, we have aimed to provide the deepest, most comprehensive monitoring available in any management solution.

SAS Environment Manager allows discreet management of both the server engine as well as every individual table in the system, thereby providing not only a vast assortment of metrics, but also control capabilities commonly associated with the WIP Data Server monitoring and management such as vacuum, analyze, and vacuum full analyze. Performing these management tasks on an automated basis through HQ's integrated control infrastructure allows you to define policies such as reallocating free space through vacuum whenever the rate of deletes per minute on a table exceed a threshold.

SAS Environment Manager aims to provide WIP Data Server users the monitoring and management capabilities typically found in database centric tools coupled with management support for the other technologies which, along with databases, are used in today's enterprise environment. Its powerful application concept allows you to visualize monitoring data from your database tier alongside your business logic and presentation tiers by giving you the ability to measure how client activity is reflected across the various layers of your application infrastructure.

Auto-Discover your hardware and WIP Data Server servers
Monitor every metric, log, and configuration for all WIP Data Server resources in your inventory
Identify problem resources with automatic baselines for every metric
Control all your WIP Data Server resources on-demand, on schedule, or in response to alerts
Alert on any measurement, log, or security event in your WIP Data Server environment

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