SAS Environment Manager

Environment Snapshot

Environment Snapshot collects and displays the most current performance measures and configuration parameters from the SAS Environment Manager database, providing you with valuable information about your system. Environment Snapshot also has the capability to execute and gather real-time usage information reported by the Unix system commands top, who, and df system or equivalent Windows commands. In addition, you can take a snapshot of the information, which saves all of the data in a text file. This file provides an easy way to communicate the status and configuration of your system when you are working with SAS Technical Support.

Access Environment Snapshot via the Analyze pull-down in the SAS Environment Manager interface then use the Select a System menu to choose the platform whose performance data you want to view.

To save all of the environment data to a text file, click Snapshot Environment. By default, live system queries, events, and alerts are not included in the snapshot file, to add them to the file, select the check boxes beside the items that you want to include. Because the plugin queries the SAS Environment Manager database, taking a snapshot might take several minutes. This depends on the size of the installation and the number of machines being monitored by your environment. After you create a snapshot file, the location of the file is displayed in the plugin.