SAS Environment Manager

Enterprise Management Integration (EMI) Monitoring & Management

The emi-services plugin offers* a series of services to the user through creating respective resources in SAS Environment Manager. The following services are currently offered by the emi-services plugin:

* Please note this plugin will continue to be extended in future Maintenance Releases. Please check back for updates to the services offered by this plugin.


PGHA is a platform service that allows administrators to monitor the status of SAS Web Infrastructure Platform (WIP) Data Servers in a primary/standby configuration, and used to host the SAS SharedServices database. The PGHA service allows SAS Environment Manager to detect when a Web Infrastructure Platform Data Server is unavailable, and optionally to promote a standby Web Infrastructure Platform Data Server to primary.

PGHA is one of two SAS components (along with the Postgres HA JDBC shim) used to configure fully-automated failover from a primary WIP Data Server to a secondary WIP Data Server.