SAS Environment Manager

Service Architecture Report Center

Report Center is collection of SAS stored process reports that are produced from data in the SAS Environment Manager Data Mart. These reports are created to provide a comprehensive view of the performance and operational status of your SAS environment and its resources. Designed by SAS Research and Development, SAS Environment Manager Report Center helps monitor and analyze resources critical to the health and operational stability of a SAS deployment. Out of the box monitoring focus areas include:

The reports and associated stored processes in the Report Center are created when you initialize SAS Environment Manager Extended Monitoring function in the SAS Environment Manager Service Architecture. However, the SAS stored process reports operate only on data stored in the SAS Environment Manager Data Mart by APM or ACM ETL processes. Unless you initialize and enable one of those packages, no reports will be produced. Solution kits, which provide monitoring and reporting for specific applications or SAS solutions, can also add solution-specific reports to the Report Center.