SAS Environment Manager

SAS Audit, Performance and Measurement Package (APM) Monitoring and Measurement

The Audit, Performance, and Measurement (APM) plugin allows you to monitor the status of your nightly data collection and log archiving script executions, link directly to the Enterprise BI Server Audit and Performance reports, view indicators and metrics related to the package’s performance and resource utilization, and (optionally) schedule the nightly runs of your runDataArchive{bat|sh} script. The plugin discovers the values of the following properties:

Auto-Discover your APM configuration
Monitor the status of your nightly APM jobs
Identify potential ERROR conditions
Control the start time of your nightly APM jobs
Alert on any potential failures

The APM plugin works with SAS 9.4 and later versions of the APM package.

The plugin is available for customer download at the SAS Support DOWNLOADS & HOTFIXES web page.