SAS Environment Manager

SAS JMS Broker Monitoring & Management

Using SAS JMS Broker, organizations are capable of creating enterprise integration patterns (either on the JMS client or in the broker process) to support smart routing, transformation and a whole host of other powerful patterns.

This plugin auto-discovers every individual Queue defined in SAS JMS Broker and collects metrics which reflect the queue's load, performance and throughput. This helps administrators to understand how burdened the messaging server is and if individual messages are getting stalled by the performance of the SAS JMS Broker server.

Auto-Discover your hardware and SAS JMS Broker servers
Monitor every metric, log, and configuration for all SAS JMS Broker resources in your inventory
Identify problem resources with automatic baselines for every metric
Control your SAS JMS Broker resources on-demand, on schedule, or in response to alerts
Alert on any measurement, log, or security event in your SAS JMS Broker environment

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