ODS Designer Usage Tips
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Manage Graph Appearance

The ODS Graphics Designer makes it easy to set the major appearance features of your graph. This page lists some of the changes you will make most often. For complete documentation on the capabilities, see the User's Guide for the ODS Graphics Designer. You can access the documentation online in the ODS Graphics section of the Base SAS documentation page at

Feature To change it...
Text (titles, labels ...) Double-click the existing text to type new text.
Right-click the text to access additional options from the popup menu.
Graph Properties Right-click the graph and use the Graph Properties box to set the desired properties, which can include the following:
  • name of the graph template
  • ODS style that is applied to the graph
  • border and color of the graph's background
  • size of the graph
Plot Properties Right-click anywhere within the plot area of the graph cell that contains the plot or plots that you want to modify.
Select Plot Properties, which include the following:
  • lines, outlines, and fills
  • markers
  • text
  • miscellaneous plot-specific properties
  • the plot area (wall) color for the cell
Axis Features Right-click on the axis you want to change and set the desired features, which can include the following:
  • general display attributes, such as whether to display a grid and tick marks
  • text for axis labels
  • font properties for labels and axis values
  • axis type, such as discrete, linear, or logarithmic
  • range of values that are displayed on the axis
  • tick sequence for a linear axis