Highly Customized Analytical Graphs
Clinical Graphs Using SAS 9.4
Examples that use SAS 9.4 SG Procedures to create clinical graphs such as the Survival Plot, a Forest Plot with Subgroups, a Waterfall plot of Tumor size, a Swimmer plot of Tumor response by subject by Month, a display of Lab Result over Time, a Distribution of lab values by Test and Treatment, Lattice and Matrix displays of LFT tests, Patient Profiles, Adverse Event Plots sorted by relative risk, and Hazard Function Plots.

Clinical Graphs Using SAS 9.3
Examples that use SAS 9.3 SG Procedures or GTL to create clinical graphs by using features such as cluster groups for all plot types, grouped box plots on discrete and interval axes, and attribute maps.

Graphs Shown in the Handouts at SAS Global Forum 2013
Example graphs from the handouts of SAS Global Forum 2013. Some of the graphs require SAS 9.4.