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Implementation Details: ACCESSIBLE Graphics Option

The ACCESSIBLE graphics option is available when you use the Output Delivery System (ODS) with the following device drivers:

When ACCESSIBLE is specified on a GOPTIONS statement with one of these drivers, SAS/GRAPH generates accessibility information in the output HTML file. The information is generated separately for each graph that is produced while the option is in effect.

To turn off the accessibility information, specify NOACCESSIBLE on a GOPTIONS statement.

Though each graph's accessibility information is not visible in the output HTML file, it is written to a JavaScript function that is associated with the graph. To provide access to its associated JavaScript function, each graph has a link that is formatted as a left-justified footnote. The link is not visible because the footnote text is set to the same color as the graph's background, but an accessibility aid, such as a screen reader, can find it.

When viewing the actual output file, you can display a graph's accessibility information by pressing the Tab key and then pressing Enter.

Note. If that does not work in your browser, you can find the footnote link by dragging the mouse pointer over the lower-left area of the graph -- where a left-justified footnote would be located. When the mouse pointer changes shape, it is over the link. You can then click the link to execute the JavaScript function that is associated with the graph.

This next PNG image shows how a graph looks if you display its accessibility information:

Bar chart with visible accessibility data

SAS/GRAPH generates descriptive information for each graph type that is supported by the ActiveX-based and Java-based device drivers. For most graph types, it also generates a data table that contains the values that are displayed in the graph.

For the following graph types, the accessibility information does not include a data table with the descriptive information:

Accessibility information is not generated for any of the ODS Statistical Graphs -- for example, graphs produced by a SAS/STAT procedure.