About the Images in the Examples

The Output Delivery System can direct output to different output destinations. The graphs that are shown in these examples were generated in the LISTING destination, and all other destinations were closed. Because the style definitions that are in effect for graphics output are relative to the active output destination, the graphs that you generate from the example programs might not always look identical to the graphs that are shown on these Web pages. However, both graphs will accurately represent the data.

For example, the HTML destination is open by default at the start of a SAS session. If it is open when you run the sample code on these pages, your HTML graphics output will automatically open in the Results, and some visual features in that output, such as fill colors and plot symbols, might differ from the graphs on the Web pages.

Also, graphs that are generated through ODS Graphics use a different rendering engine than graphs that are generated through SAS/GRAPH. Here again, whereas visual features might differ, the output graphs from both ODS Graphics and SAS/GRAPH will accurately represent the data.