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The following papers from recent and past conferences provide information on SAS/GRAPH components and ODS Graphics.

2018 Papers, Presentations, and Handouts
SGF Paper
Advanced Graphs Using Axis Tables (PDF)
This paper describes how to use the axis table statements available with the SGPLOT procedure to create complex custom graphs.
SGF Mapping Presentation and Examples
SGMAP Procedure: Geographic Mapping in ODS Graphics (ZIP)
This ZIP file contains the mapping presentation and SGMAP examples from SGF 2018, including complete programs with data import and preparation code. Unzip the file on a Windows machine in the C:\Public directory. If a different location or a Linux machine is used, the paths in the examples must be edited.
SGF Handouts
SAS 9.4 Statistical Graphics Procedures
Clinical Graphs Using SAS 9.4
ODS Graphics Designer
SAS Mapping

SGF 2017
Easy Polar Graphs with SG Procedures (PDF)
This paper shows how to convert data from polar coordinates to Cartesian coordinates and use the power of SG procedures to create graphs that retain the polar nature of that data.
Decorative Infographs using SAS (PDF)
This paper shows how to use the SGPLOT procedure to create attention grabbing visuals that insert a "Decorative" flavor into a graph to attract the eye, encouraging readers to spend more time studying the visual.
ODS Graphics Designer
SAS 9.4 Statistical Graphics Procedures
Clinical Graphs using SAS 9.4
Super Demos: Handouts and SAS Code (2017 and 2016)

SGF 2016
The New SAS Map Data Sets (PDF)
This paper highlights the major differences between new map data delivered with SAS and the old map data. It introduces new library names, new filenames, and new variables, and it shows coding changes required to create a new map data program.
The GEOCODE Procedure and SAS Visual Analytics (PDF)
This paper shows how PROC GEOCODE can be used to simplify geocoding by processing your location information before importing data into SAS Visual Analytics.
Clinical Graphs Using SAS (PDF)
This paper shows how to create many industry-standard graphs such as Lipid Profile, Swimmer Plot, Survival Plot, Forest Plot with Subgroups, Waterfall Plot, and Patient Profile using Study Data Tabulation Model (SDTM) data.
Graph A Million with the SGPLOT Procedure (PDF)
This paper presents graphs that work better for large data sets, creating heat maps, box plots, and parallel coordinate plots that visualize large data.
Annotating the SAS ODS Graphics Way! (PDF)
This paper covers some basic concepts of annotating that are common to both GTL and the SG procedures. Then, it applies those concepts to demonstrate some unique abilities of GTL annotation.
SAS Mapping
ODS Graphics Designer
SAS 9.4 Statistical Graphics Procedures
SG Procedure Features for v9.4m3
SG Procedure Features for v9.4m2
Clinical Graphs using SAS 9.4
Super Demos: Handouts and SAS Code

SGF 2015
Graphs are Easy with SAS 9.4 (PDF)
This paper focuses on convenience features that were added to Statistical Graphics (SG) procedures and Graph Template Language (GTL) for SAS 9.4: axis tables, polygon plot, text plot, and more.
Lost in the Forest Plot (PDF)
This paper demonstrates the simplicity of creating various forest plots using AXISTABLE statements, which were added to the Graph Template Language (GTL) for SAS 9.4.
Clinical Graphs using SAS 9.3
ODS Graphics Designer
SAS Graph Template Language
SAS 9.4 Statistical Graphics Procs
SG Procedure Features for v9.4m3
SG Procedure Features for v9.4m2

SGF 2014
Plotting Against Cancer (PDF)
This paper demonstrates how ODS Graphics can be effectively and easily used to create graphs used in oncology studies.
Up Your Game With GTL Layout (PDF)
This paper focuses on the esoteric art of using LAYOUT LATTICE to create complex multi-cell graphs, such as the forest plot, stock plots with multiple indicators like MACD and Stochastic, Adverse Events by Relative Risk graphs, and more.
SAS® Visual Analytics Graph Builder (PDF)
This paper focuses on using SAS Visual Analytics Designer to create custom graph objects such as stock plots, butterfly charts, and more. These custom objects can be easily shared with others for use in SAS Visual Analytics Designer.
Putting on the Ritz (PDF)
This paper focuses on new SAS 9.4 capabilities in the ODS Graphics system that enable you to style your graphs without creating or modifying ODS styles.
SAS Mapping Papers and Examples
SAS® Statistical Graphics Procedures
Clinical Graphs Using SAS® 9.3
SAS® Graph Template Language
ODS Graphics Designer

Miscellaneous 2014
Annotate your SGPLOT Graphs (PDF)
This paper discusses the SG procedures' ability to annotate graphs using data set based information, similar to the annotate facility in SAS/GRAPH procedures, but with a few differences and enhancements.

SGF 2013
A Day in the Life of Data (PDF)
This paper focuses on the graphical representation of data so that you can convert that data into information and actionable knowledge.
Patient Profile Graphs Using SAS (PDF)
This paper discusses graphs that are useful for visual reports from CDISC data. It includes a graph of the adverse events by time and severity, graphs of concomitant medications, vital signs, and labs.
Make a Good Graph (PDF)
This paper discusses some of the rules for creating effective graphics: maximizing data ink, removing chart junk, reducing noise and clutter, and simplifying the graph.
Free Expressions and Other GTL Tips (PDF)
This paper covers some new ways of using DATA step functions for creating grouped plots based on conditions and to select a subset of the observations. It also illustrates the use of PROC FCMP functions in GTL expressions.
"Google-Like" Maps in SAS (PDF)
This paper shows you how to generate "Google-Like" maps as backgrounds inside of SAS.
SAS Statistical Graphics Procedures
ODS Graphics Designer
SAS Graph Template Language
Clinical Graphs Using SAS 9.3
SAS Mapping Papers and Examples
Finding Locations Outside the U.S.
Using the New SAS Map Data Sets

SGF 2012
Off the Beaten Path: Create Unusual Graphs with GTL (PDF)
This paper covers tricks and tips you can use ODS Graphics to create unique graphs, such as spiral plots, conditional regression trees, and population pyramids.
Quick Results with SAS ODS Graphics Designer (PDF)
This paper introduces the ODS Graphics Designer, an interactive application that enables you to create graphs using a "drag-and-drop" process.
Together at Last: Spatial Analysis and SAS® Mapping (PDF)
This paper introduces a new framework that combines SAS spatial analytics with SAS mapping. Examples demonstrate how you can use the SAS/GRAPH Annotate facility with the transparency specification (new in SAS 9.3) to combine a predicted spatial surface with traditional SAS/GRAPH maps, and show how to tap into the additional mapping resources of Esri software through the SAS Bridge for ESRI.

SGF 2011
Tips and Tricks for SG Procedures and GTL for Clinical Graphs (PDF)
This paper includes tips and tricks you can use in SG Procedures and GTL programs to build your graphs. It uses examples from Clinical Trials and Health and Life Sciences domains to illustrate the techniques using real world graphs like LFT Panels, Patient Profiles, Adverse Event plots and more.
Now You Can Annotate Your Statistical Graphics Procedure Graphs (PDF)
This paper highlights the new SAS 9.3 that are available for annotating the graphics output from the Statistical Graphics (SG) procedures.
Visualize Your Cloud Data Using the Graph Template Language (PDF)
This paper demonstrates how to combine PROC SOAP and PROC TEMPLATE to provide an effective visual representation of data that you store in the cloud.

SGF 2010
PROC GEOCODE: Now with Street-Level Geocoding (PDF)
This paper reviews SAS 9.2 PROC GEOCODE capability and discusses the new street-level geocoding feature. Street-level geocoding converts street addresses to locations.
Google Maps and SAS/GRAPH® (PDF)
This paper shows how to create Google Maps from within SAS and SAS/GRAPH. In addition, it briefly discusses Google Maps and the legal and technical limitations and implications of using these maps.

SGF 2009
Clinical Trial Reporting Using SAS/GRAPH® SG Procedures (PDF)
This paper shows, by example, how concise visual presentations of clinical trial data can easily be created using the SAS/GRAPH® SG procedures. The paper highlights the creation of single-cell and multi-cell graphs using examples commonly encountered in the reporting and analysis of clinical trial data.
PROC GEOCODE: Creating Map Locations from Your Data (PDF)
This paper shows PROC GEOCODE examples of both address geocoding and Web address (IP address) geolocating. The paper introduces the concepts needed to understand geocoding, discusses PROC GEOCODE’s current and planned functionality, and, through examples, shows how to use PROC GEOCODE.
Tips and Tricks IV: More SAS/GRAPH® Map Secrets (PDF)
This paper shares secrets that will enable you to exploit the power of SAS/GRAPH maps. Using bubble maps, distance and location maps, and floor plan maps—in real user scenarios—it shows how to create rich, informative maps that many users think are not possible.

SGF 2008
Effective Graphics Made Simple Using SAS/GRAPH® SG Procedures (PDF)
This paper discusses the new SAS/GRAPH statistical graphics (SG) family of procedures that enable you to create graphs quickly and efficiently. With very little coding effort, you can create effective and attractive graphics that can be as simple as scatter plots and bar charts, or as complex as multi-page classification panels.
Getting Started with ODS Statistical Graphics in SAS® 9.2 (PDF)
This paper presents the essential information you need to get started with ODS Graphics, new functionality for creating statistical graphics. ODS Graphics functionality is available in a number of SAS software products, including SAS/STAT®, SAS/ETS®, SAS/QC®, and SAS/GRAPH®.
SAS® Graphics on ODS 9.2 Performance-Enhancing Steroids (PDF)
This paper shows you how to customize professional-looking graphics in seconds with a variety of appearances. ODS graphical style enhancements provide advanced capabilities to unleash your creativity without you having to spend endless hours manipulating options.

SGF 2007
New SAS/GRAPH® Procedures for Creating Statistical Graphics in Data Analysis (PDF)
This presentation provides examples showing how you can use the new SAS/GRAPH "SG" procedures in your work: SGPLOT, SGPANEL, SGSCATTER, and SGRENDER.
SAS/AF: Running SCL Outside the Frame (PDF)
This paper gives a very brief overview of SCL and discusses creating batch SCL programs.

SUGI 31 (2006)
A Programmer’s Introduction to the Graphics Template Language (PDF)
This paper helps you understand the basics of the Graph Template Language for creating graphs with the DATA step.

SUGI 30 (2005)
Tips and Tricks III: More Unique SAS/GRAPH Maps (PDF)  | Download the example SAS programs (ZIP)
This presentation examines additional techniques for creating effective and unique SAS/GRAPH maps.
Tips and Tricks: Using SAS/GRAPH Effectively (PDF)  | Download the example SAS programs (ZIP)
This paper examines the powerful components of SAS/GRAPH and highlights techniques for harnessing that power to create effective and attention-grabbing graphs.
Need Java Graphics? Use of BIP Graph Components
Discusses the capability and use of the SAS Java graph components, and explains how the components fit into the SAS architecture.
The Graph Matrix: Follow the Rabbit into OLAP Graphs!
Discusses the Graph Matrix and its use for viewing OLAP data.
The Power of the Graphics Template Language
Explains how to create graphs with the Graphics Template Language and the DATA step.
Use of Styles in Graphics
Explains how ODS styles affect SAS/Graph and ODS Statistical Graphics output.

SUGI 29 (2004)
Graphs in Style
Illustrates how easy it is to apply ODS styles to SAS/GRAPH or ODS Graphics output. Also provides specific recommendations on how to adjust SAS/GRAPH coding to take full advantage of style definitions.
Tips and Tricks II: Getting the most from your SAS/GRAPH maps (PDF)  | Download the example SAS programs (ZIP)
This presentation highlights some techniques for creating effective and unique SAS/GRAPH maps.

SUGI 28 (2003)
It's All in the Presentation
Shows how easy it is to apply any of the new supplied style definitions to SAS/GRAPH, SAS/STAT, and SAS/ETS output.
SAS Mapping: Technologies, Techniques, Tips and Tricks (PDF)  | Download the example SAS programs (ZIP)
This paper provides you with the resources to help you choose the right technology and tool to effectively transform data into useful information.

SUGI 27 (2002)
Addendum to Enhancements to SAS/GRAPH in Version 9
Adds an addendum to the Version 9 enhancements documents that was published for SUGI27.
The Basics of Creating Graphs with SAS/GRAPH Software
Provides an overview of the types of graphs that can be produced with SAS/GRAPH software and the basic procedure syntax for creating some of them, including bar charts and plots.
Visual Styles for V9 SAS® Output
Provides a overview of new styles supplied with base SAS Version 9 which now affect graphs as well as text output. The paper shows new style elements and attributes for graphs and how to design your own styles.

   See Also: Samples from the Version 9 Enhancements presentation SUGI 27

SUGI 26 (2001)
New Visualization in Version 8.2
Highlights several new visualizations that are part of the solution based SAS products such as WebHound, Enterprise Miner, and WebAF.
Visual Styles for Version 9 SAS Output
Discusses the development of Version 9 visual styles and the graphing enhancements that support them.

SUGI 25 (2000)
Graphs in a Minute
Focuses on the Graph-N-Go application in Version 8 of the SAS System and the Graph tasks in Enterprise Guide Version 1.0.
Painless Graphics
Describes the main features of Graph-N-Go, focusing on source code generation and the direct creation of interactive web pages containing a Java or ActiveX version of the graph.

Enhancements to SAS/GRAPH in Version 9
Provides an overview of the enhancements to SAS/GRAPH software since Version 8.2. You can also see the examples that are discussed in this paper.

SUGI 24 (1999)
Adding the Where to the Who
Examines ways you can integrate spatial technology into your data warehousing and data mining strategies so that you can add the where to the who.
Using SAS/GRAPH Software To Create Graphs On The Web
Highlights some ways to customize SAS/GRAPH device drivers to produce graphics that are suitable for presentation on the Web.