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SAS® Bridge for Esri 3.6

The SAS® Bridge for Esri adds the powerful analytic and business intelligence capabilities of SAS to your geographic information system. With this extension to ArcGIS, you can create maps and interactive presentations that show relationships and provide answers that were previously hidden. You can link tabular data in SAS with spatial data in ArcGIS so that queries can consider spatial proximities as part of the analysis.

Bridging Esri data available through Esri ArcGIS to SAS data


With the SAS Bridge for Esri, you can do the following:

With SAS Bridge for Esri, you can export your data to a SAS data set, use SAS to perform any analysis that is needed, read the new data back into ArcMap, and incorporate the new information into

The SAS Bridge for Esri adds the analytic intelligence of SAS to the easy-to-use mapping capabilities of ArcGIS. The result is a geographic information system unmatched in the ability to inform,

The features provided by the SAS Bridge for Esri are integrated with ArcGIS. After you have installed the software, you can access its features through the ArcGIS interface.

Note: SAS Bridge for Esri 3.6 requires the second maintenance release of SAS 9.3 or later and ArcGIS 10 or later. For more details, see the SAS Bridge For Esri System Requirements.

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