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These presentations were made by Kevin Smith at user group conferences.

ODS from Scratch

The Output Delivery System (ODS) is a great way to move beyond reports that just use the listing output. Using ODS, you can generate reports in formats such as HTML, XML, PDF, PostScript, RTF, and Microsoft Excel. This paper shows you how to generate reports with ODS, from scratch. You'll learn how to generate multiple output formats, simultaneously; how to change the look of your report using styles; how to add text passages; and other helpful information.
Paper (.pdf) | Tip sheet (.pdf)

PROC TEMPLATE Tables from Scratch

Did you know that nearly every table created by SAS uses a template to describe what it looks like? Did you know that you can modify these templates, or even write your own templates to create custom tables? In this paper, you learn how to create and modify table templates, including how to add, remove, and move columns as well as headers and footers. You also learn how to apply styles, formats, and other visual effects, all from scratch.
Paper (.pdf) | Tip sheet (.pdf)

PROC TEMPLATE Styles from Scratch

With PROC TEMPLATE styles, You can change the fonts, colors, borders, and add images and text. You can also set the style of data cells in tables based on the data itself. This tip sheet presents the most common statements and attributes used in creating styles with PROC TEMPLATE.
Tip sheet (.pdf)

Reporting Procedures Styles from Scratch

The following slides and example code show how to apply styles to the reporting procedures (PROC TEMPLATE tables, PROC TABULATE, PROC REPORT, and PROC PRINT). They also show how to apply conditional styles by using SAS formats.
Slides (.pdf) | Example code (.sas) | Tip sheet (.pdf)

ODS DOCUMENT from Scratch

The ODS DOCUMENT destination enables you to store a report's components in order to modify and replay them using PROC DOCUMENT. With this combination of tools, you can customize your reports far more than with ODS options and statements alone. This tip sheet presents the most common statements and options used in creating, modifying, and replaying ODS documents.
Paper (.pdf) | Tip sheet (.pdf)

Your Turn

The developers, testers and documentation folk that bring you ODS are very excited about the potential these capabilities bring to the SAS System. You can send electronic mail to with your comments.