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Customer-Contributed Tagsets

SAS users contributed these tagsets, which make SAS output usable by third-party spreadsheet software


The following user-defined tagsets were contributed by
Jack Hamilton
Development Manager, Technical Group
METRICS Department, First Health
West Sacramento, California

NOTE: The tagsets were originally defined to use with PROC REPORT and a specific input SAS data set. SAS development modified the code by adding HEADER and ROWCOL events so that the tagsets can be used with other SAS applications. However, PROC REPORT does not generate HEADER events, which is why they weren't included originally.

creates plain XHTML output, which is useful for input into Excel or other programs. SAS does not currently ship a style or tagset to create XHTML.
(For information on XHTML, see XHTML(TM) 1.0: The Extensible HyperText Markup Language.)
creates XHTML for display; the definition includes additional header code.
(For information on XHTML, see XHTML(TM) 1.0: The Extensible HyperText Markup Language.)
creates SYLK (Spreadsheet Symbolic Link) output, which is a format recognized by Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs. TAGSETS.SYLK lets you write a plain-text file that when imported into a spreadsheet program results in formatted cells. You can set bold, italic, and column widths, established named ranges, insert formulas, and do various other interesting things. This code does not illustrate all the possibilities.
(For more information, see SYmbolic LinK (SYLK) in Wikipedia.)


This user-defined tagset was contributed by
Frank Poppe
PW Consulting
The Netherlands

This tagset writes ODS output directly into a running Excel application (through Excel DDE macro syntax).

provides the tagset code plus comments and examples.
contains some macros that are necessary only for the definition. You don't need them in order to use the tagset.

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Last Updated: Sept 02, 2003