Enhancements in SAS/QC 9.2 Software

In SAS 9.2, SAS/QC procedures provide enhanced traditional graphics and a new alternative for producing high-quality graphics. In addition, the ADX Interface for Design of Experiments provides several important new features.

Improved Graphics

Traditional graphs produced by SAS/QC procedures are saved in graphics catalogs, and their appearance is controlled by global statements such as the GOPTIONS and SYMBOL statements, along with numerous procedure options. Before SAS 9.2, the default appearance of these graphs was primitive, and user selection of colors, fonts, and other attributes was necessary to produce attractive graphical output.

In SAS 9.2, as an alternative to traditional graphics, SAS/QC procedures can use ODS Graphics functionality to create graphs. This is an extension to the Output Delivery System (ODS) that is invoked when you provide the ODS GRAPHICS statement before your procedure statements. Graphs are then produced in standard image file formats (such as PNG) instead of graphics catalogs, and their appearance and layout are controlled by ODS styles and templates rather than global statements and procedure options. The ODS styles provided with SAS 9.2 have been designed to produce attractive, professional-looking graphics. ODS Graphics output produced by SAS/QC procedures is consistent in appearance with graphical output produced by other statistical procedures that are enabled to use ODS Graphics. ODS Graphics is supported on an experimental basis for SAS/QC in SAS 9.2. Both ODS Graphics and traditional graphics require a SAS/GRAPH license.

In SAS 9.2, the default appearance of SAS/QC traditional graphics is also determined by ODS styles. The default values for graph elements including text fonts and heights, colors, and line styles all come from the ODS style, but you can use familiar global statements and procedure options to override the defaults and control every detail of your traditional graphics output. You can also prevent the ODS style from affecting the appearance of traditional graphics by specifying the NOGSTYLE system option before your procedure statements.

Histogram Plot

Choosing the Right Graphics Approach

In SAS 9.2, you have three alternatives for producing graphical output with SAS/QC procedures. The appropriate choice depends on your objective, as follows: Control Chart Box Chart

ADX Interface for Design of Experiments

In SAS 9.2, the ADX Interface for Design of Experiments offers new features for response surface designs, mixture designs, general factorial designs, and split-plot designs. You can now import data from SAS data sets or external file formats, and you can export design information to SAS data sets or external file formats. The ADX Interface provides the following major enhancements:

ADX Graphical ANOVA Box Chart