The PM Procedure

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PROC PM Screen

PROC PM enhances the well-established interactive project management capabilities of the SAS System by providing a graphical user interface for editing project data. The PM Window combines the Table View and Gantt View, thereby enabling the user to define and modify the project model interactively and have immediate confirmation of the effects on the project schedule. Whether the user inputs the project model directly or imports stored project data, the interactive nature of PROC PM makes it easy to explore possible alternatives in structuring and scheduling the project.

The syntax of PROC PM is an extension of that for PROC CPM, ensuring that any PROC CPM call can be converted to a PROC PM call simply by changing "CPM" to "PM." Hence, PROC PM can be easily integrated into any existing project management application that is built around PROC CPM and the other established project management tools in the SAS System.

Key Capabilities

PROC PM provides the standard editing and viewing functions of a project management tool and also includes some capabilities not often found in project management software. From the PM Window you can:


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