The CPM Procedure

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The CPM procedure can be used for planning, controlling, and monitoring a project. This procedure takes a model of the project as input and produces a schedule and information on resource usage as output. The procedure produces no printed output but saves the schedule and the resource usage information in SAS data sets, providing maximum flexibility for exploring and presenting the schedule and resource information.

The scheduling capabilities of the CPM procedure provide for a large number of contingencies. You can schedule subject to standard and non-standard precedence, time, and resource constraints. The procedure also provides direct control over the scheduling algorithms with task and resource prioritization, alternate and supplementary resources, customizable workshifts and calendars, and many other features.

For a project that is already in progress, you can incorporate the actual schedule of the activities already completed to obtain a progress update. You can save the original schedule as a baseline schedule and use it to compare against the current schedule to determine if any of the activities have taken longer than anticipated.

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