SAS/STAT Bayesian Procedures — 9.1.3
SAS/STAT software now provides Bayesian analysis in downloadable, experimental versions of three procedures for SAS 9.1.3 on Windows: GENMOD, LIFEREG, and PHREG. The new BAYES statement in these procedures produces Bayesian modeling and inference capability in generalized linear models, accelerated life failure models, Cox regression models, and piecewise constant baseline hazard models (also known as piecewise exponential models). These versions are named BGENMOD, BLIFEREG, and BPHREG, respectively, and they otherwise contain the full functionality of the original procedures.

PROC QUANTREG Download — 9.1.3
PROC QUANTREG is an experimental procedure that performs quantile regression, which extends the usual ordinary least squares regression model to conditional quantiles of the response variable, such as the 90th percentile. Quantile regression is particularly useful when the rate of change in the conditional quantile, expressed by the regression coefficients, depends on the quantile. Data of this type occur in many fields, including biomedicine, econometrics, and ecology. This procedure is available for SAS 9.1 on the Windows platform.

PROC GLIMMIX Download — 9.1.3
PROC GLIMMIX is a procedure that has the ability to fit generalized linear mixed models. Conditioning on normally distributed random effects, you can now fit the data to a number of different distributions in the exponential family such as binomial, Poisson, beta and gamma. This production procedure is available for SAS 9.1 on the Windows platform and several UNIX platforms (AIX 64-bit, HP/UX 64-bit, Solaris 64-bit, and Linux).

PROC GLMSELECT Download — 9.1.3
The experimental GLMSELECT procedure performs effect selection in the framework of general linear models. A variety of model selection methods are available, including the LASSO method of Tibshirani (1996) and the related LAR method of Efron et. al (2004). The procedure offers extensive capabilities for customizing the selection with a wide variety of selection and stopping criteria, from traditional and computationally efficient significance-level-based criteria to more computationally intensive validation-based criteria. The procedure also provides graphical summaries of the selection search. This procedure is available for SAS 9.1 on the Windows platform.

MRP Application
The MRP application reads in data relevant to a multi-stage manufacturing process. From these data it produces a Master Production Schedule, containing detailed information on the timing and resource usage involved processing the projected orders for finished goods. You can track capacity utilization, inventories, and individual manufacturing processes, changing requirements and availabilities and observing the impact on the master schedule.

SAS/IML Studio 3.2
SAS/IML Studio provides a robust and extensible analytical programming environment that enables you to write, debug, and execute programs that combine the power of SAS analytical procedures, the flexibility of the SAS/IML language, and the data manipulation capabilities of Base SAS. SAS/IML Studio is built around the IMLPlus programming language, which is an extension of the IML language. The "Plus" part of the name refers to new features that extend the IML language including the ability to call SAS procedures directly from within IML, to develop customized data analysis programs, to call functions from libraries written in C/C++, Fortran, and Java, and to interface with the R statistical package.

Note that SAS/IML Studio is also included with the 9.2 release of SAS/IML software beginning in July 2009.

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