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November 2017 Tips for Diagnosing a Problematic SAS/IntrNet® Pool Service (PDF)
This document provides you with a roadmap of instructions and tests for successfully diagnosing a SAS/IntrNet Pool Service.
December 2016 Configuring Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 for SAS/IntrNet® Software (PDF)
This document provides you with the instructions to perform all tasks required to successfully configure Internet Information Services 7.0 for SAS/IntrNet software.
June 2006 SAS/IntrNet Software: A Roadmap (PDF)
This paper focuses on SAS/IntrNet software, a mature and proven technology for the deployment of Web solutions, which provides access to the power of SAS. You’ll learn how you can use the various components of SAS/IntrNet in an information delivery infrastructure to help you turn data into strategically useful information, using a technology that is available to almost everyone and that most users already know: the Web.