Book Reviews

JMP Essentials: An Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide for New Users


"Curt Hinrichs and Chuck Boiler have provided JMP users with an excellent companion to lead them through the details of statistical analyses. JMP Essentials offers step-by-step guidance that is clearly written and easy to follow. It includes numerous JMP screenshots for the most commonly used graphical and statistical methods. Using software packages appropriately to perform good statistical analyses can only be made so easy; however, the integration of JMP and JMP Essentials produces an exceptional combination to enable insightful data graphing and sound statistical analyses. Two other bonuses of this book are a section on the integration of SAS and JMP-for those with SAS data files or those who wish to migrate from JMP to SAS-and an accompanying Web site, where the authors provide updates, enhancements, and links to additional resources. I highly recommend this book for those wanting to accelerate their learning curve in making effective use of JMP."

Roger W. Hoerl
Manager, Applied Statistics Laboratory
GE Global Research

"JMP Essentials provides a simple, practical approach to problem solving. It will enable you to use JMP to solve complex business problems, even if you have no knowledge of statistics. JMP Essentials takes the scariness out of statistical terms and helps you make sense of your data and get answers to your questions. The one- or two-page format for each topic makes using the book simple, since it eliminates turning pages while working on your computer. Most important, this book will enable you to share your findings with others, which is essential to the process of getting support to improve your business."

Michelle Swart
Business Development Manager
Cisco Systems, Inc.

"JMP is a powerful and easy-to-use statistical software program from SAS. However, as with any statistics package, there is a fairly steep learning curve for the novice user, especially the business user who may not have extensive training in statistics. . . .

Fortunately, Curt Hinrichs and Chuck Boiler have, with JMP Essentials, produced a practical, easy-to-understand guide for the beginning JMP user. Through extensive examples, they cover all the basics and more with an accessible and informal style. The tone is conversational and friendly. It's almost like having a guru watching over your shoulder while you learn. . . .

I've used JMP for close to 20 years now, but I'm always learning new things. I knew the data filter existed, but I used a clumsier, home-developed method for doing what I wanted. I followed Curt and Chuck as they guided me through the data filter. I was impressed with the explanation. It was easy to follow, and I learned how to do what I wanted with a first pass through the discussion. I can only imagine that the novice will find similar success in acquiring the basic skills using their book. The layout helps the exposition because nearly every topic is covered in a page or in two facing pages, making learning the techniques quick and easy. I look forward to having my students use the guide. Not only will it save me that introductory hour or two to get them started, but after reading the entire book, they may be teaching me new tricks."

Richard De Veaux
Professor of Statistics
Williams College

"I know from personal experience that teaching statistics is easy. The hard part is getting people to understand the stuff, and getting them to actually use it is next to impossible. JMP, the statistical exploration tool from SAS, is a remarkable package that connects the seat of the intellect to the seat of the pants, allowing non-statisticians to quickly gain statistical insights in an interactive visual environment.

However, the program has so many features that it can be intimidating for the beginner to dive into. There are excellent tutorials and a help system, but personally I find it more satisfying to pick up a book, and turn its pages. JMP Essentials, by Curt Hinrichs and Chuck Boiler, is the perfect introduction to JMP. And speaking of turning pages, they don't go from right to left, in this book, but from top to bottom. With its horizontal spiral binding, it was designed to sit flat, next to your keyboard, and help you with specific tasks.

Clear step-by-step instructions get you up and running with JMP, describe its various data types, and help you create a wide variety of graphs. The information density was just right for me. The material is packed tightly enough so you can often stay on a single page to complete a task, yet it is not so dense that you need to go back and read things twice. I wish I had this book when I started using JMP. I'm glad I have it now."

Sam L. Savage
Author of The Flaw of Averages
Consulting Professor
Stanford University