Book Reviews

In the Know...SAS Tips and Techniques From Around the Globe, Second Edition


"This book is an excellent resource for any SAS programmer, packed with gems that most of us don't have time to go hunting for. Whether you read from cover to cover or just dip in now and again, your time will be rewarded with Phil's insights to how SAS can work better for you.

Phil's style of writing tips encourages readers to try the methods in their own programs, rather than just lift the code wholesale. That's important when the success of some tips in saving time, storage, or other resources will be dependent, as Phil warns us, on your data, your machine, and your operating system.

Readers at all levels will be rewarded by skimming through and marking their ‘favorites’ to use in the future. I even found a few that I might try myself, and I've been working with SAS for 25 years!"

Steve Morton
Principal Consultant
Applied System Knowledge Ltd.

"Phil Mason, one of the SAS user community's famous creative tinkerers—the SAS user version of mild-mannered Clark Kent—has updated his 300-page first edition of SAS Tips and Techniques with the addition of nearly a third more tips in this second edition. There is an entirely new chapter on ODS with over 30 tips.

This book is a good read, suitable to curl up with on a quiet evening and think about that problem you had last week or last month—which you kludged rather than solved—and see if Phil has found the solution you need."

Ronald J. Fehd
IT Specialist, Help Desk: SAS
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

"If you have ever wondered where ‘SAS Experts’ pick up those little tidbits of knowledge that make all the difference, look no farther. They probably have been reading Phil Mason's In the Know: SAS Tips and Techniques From Around the Globe.

The second edition brings the text up to date with SAS®9, and includes new options and techniques. It also includes some comparisons for SAS 8 vs. SAS®9.

This book has something for everyone. It is packed with tips, from the obscure to the commonly used. Written in a fairly terse style, Phil’s book gets right to the point, and it gets there point after point. It covers topics that you don't know, topics that you don't know of, and most importantly it covers topics that you don't know that you need to know."

Art Carpenter
California Occidental Consultants

"A book of tips is organized differently from one in which each concept is built upon a previous concept. Here each page or two is a gem lying on the surface. Philip Mason is the grand master in the art of the SAS software tip. If you enjoyed his first book of tips, then you will enjoy this new edition.

Ian Whitlock