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Technical Reviewers

Would you like to be a technical reviewer for SAS books? We're looking for experienced SAS and JMP users as well as statistics and analytics experts.

Your insight and knowledge will contribute to the process of creating cutting-edge resources for customers around the world. Plus, you'll get a first-hand look at the work of thought leaders and expert SAS users - while getting a credit toward purchasing SAS books. Here's how to get started:

Here is an example of what we are looking for in a technical review.

Technical Reviewer Information

  1. Book selection (Click on the title for more information)*

    Data Management with JMP
    Python and SAS Viya: An Introduction
    SAS Metadata Dictionary Tables and SASHELP Views: Learning Metadata by Example
    Statistical Modeling for Business with SAS

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  8. How many years have you been using SAS or JMP?*
  9. What is your background and experience using SAS or JMP?*
  10. Do you use SAS or JMP in your job?*
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  11. If you answered yes to question #10, in what ways?
  12. What SAS or JMP software products do you specialize in?*
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