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Analysis of Clinical Trials Using SAS®: A Practical Guide, Second Edition
By Alex Dmitrienko, Ph.D. and Gary G. Koch

Analyze your clinical trial data with ease. This book bridges the gap between modern statistical methodology and real-world clinical trial applications. Step-by-step instructions illustrated with examples from actual trials and case studies serve to define a statistical method and its relevance in a clinical trials setting and to illustrate how to implement the method rapidly and efficiently using the power of SAS software.
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Applied Econometrics with SAS®: Modeling Demand, Supply, and Risk
By Barry K. Goodwin and Ford Ramsey

The book's emphasis will be on: (i) discussing the advantages and disadvantages of alternative forecasting methods in different situations,(ii) showing users how to interpret and evaluate the output of their software, and (iii) providing guidance on when and how they should use their judgment to intervene in the forecasting process.
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Biostatistics Using JMP®: A Practical Guide
By Trevor Bihl

This book provides an example-driven, step-by-step introduction to using JMP to solve common biostatistical problems. Topics include descriptive statistics, data visualization tools in JMP, statistics tests, analysis of variance, regression and multiple regression, classification methods, and survival analysis.
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Data Management and Analysis Using JMP®: Health Care Case Studies
By Jane Oppenlander and Patricia Schaffer

Bridges the gap between the traditional first statistics course preparation and the successful application of statistical analysis in the workplace.
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Exchanging Data From SAS® to Excel: The ODS Excel Destination
By William E. Benjamin, Jr.,

Export customized Excel spreadsheets from SAS, complete with graphics, images, and text.
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Hash Tables by Example Using SAS®
By Don Henderson and Paul Dorfman

Solve your business problems with hash tables and data aggregation. Focusing on real world problems using sports data, this book provides an overview of how hash tables work, as well as the general aggregation philosophies and table look-up narrative at the algorithmic level.
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Introduction to Statistical Quality Control with JMP®
By Brenda S. Ramírez, M.S. and José G. Ramírez, Ph.D.

This book highlights some of the recent advances in the Quality and Process platform, using examples from Introduction to Statistical Quality Control by Douglas Montgomery. Step-by-step instructions teach readers to use JMP to generate the output and solutions to many of the examples in Introduction to Statistical Quality Control.
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SAS® Metadata Dictionary Tables and SASHELP Views: Learning Metadata by Example
By Kirk Paul Lafler

This book will help all levels of SAS users learn all about the world of metadata in SAS software: With an instructive and conversational voice, SAS consultant and author Kirk Paul Lafler explains the purpose of each Dictionary table and SASHELP view, its contents, and many uses. A comprehensive and real-world, step-by-step, approach is presented, illustrating popular DATA step, PROC, and Enterprise Guide programming examples.
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Statistical Modeling for Business with SAS®
By Gregory John Lee

This book is a set of critical applied statistics techniques for business in continuous and categorical analysis, with an emphasis on application in SAS.

Aimed at anyone wishing to understand the application of statistics models to business and related disciplines - both students and business practitioners. It is designed to be relevant to a complete beginner, therefore readers do not need and SAS background.

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Statistical Programming in SAS®, Second Edition
By A. John Bailer

This book is a set of critical applied statistics techniques for business in continuous and categorical analysis, with an emphasis on application in SAS.

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A Step-by-Step Approach to Using SAS® for Univariate and Multivariate Statistics, Third Edition
By Norm O'Rourke, Ph.D., R.Psych, Larry Hatcher, Ph.D., Edward J. Stepanski, Ph.D., and Paul J. Miller, Ph.D.

Updated for SAS 9.4, this book is an easy-to-understand introduction to SAS as well as to univariate and multivariate statistics.
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Stored Processes in SAS®
By Phil Mason

This book is for SAS programmers who have limited experience with HTML, JavaScript, CSS but want to build great web applications. With this book, programmers should be able to make great user interfaces with SAS Stored Processes.
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Structural Equation Modeling Using SAS®
By Paul D. Allison

For graduate students taking statistics courses on structural equation modeling (SEM), for researchers with no prior knowledge of SEM who want to learn it independently, and for experienced users of SEM who want SAS know-how, this books provides a comprehensive introduction to SEM that uses SAS for all the examples. It assumes no prior knowledge of SEM, but requires that the reader have a reasonable mastery of the theory and practice of linear regression. In content, level, and tone, it resembles Allison's successful books Survival Analysis Using SAS and Logistic Regression Using SAS.
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Tips, Tricks and Examples for SAS® Programmers
By Martha Hall Messineo

Programming in SAS is very flexible, but also very overwhelming, and many programmers learn how to do tasks one way but don't realize that there may be simpler or better way to achieve the same results. This book will provide tips on general programming in SAS using the Data Step, Macro, and Display Manager. The book will consist of self-contained sections that will each describe a tip or trick and give some examples – quick and easy without too much extraneous information - this will make it an easy reference for a specific question, or a cover-to-cover read. Additionally, there will be two appendices: one will contain utility and sample programs to help simplify development; and the second will discuss the importance of developing a coding style and will use my style as an example.
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