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Data Management with JMP
By Robert Carver

An introduction on how to use JMP to manage data for analysis. The book is organized within a framework of statistical investigations and model-building (where data acquisition and prep commonly eat up something like 75% of the effort and time) and in doing so illustrates the new data handling features in JMP, such as Query Builder.

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Python and SAS Viya: An Introduction
By Kevin D. Smith and Xiangxiang Meng

This book is an introduction to using Python to drive SAS Viya by directly connecting to the back-end analytics engine: CAS. CAS (Cloud Analytic Services) is a fault-tolerant, high-performance analytic platform that can be installed in many environments (desktop, computing grid, cloud). It is used by various SAS applications, but also has an API accessible from languages such as Java and Python.

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SAS Metadata Dictionary Tables and SASHELP Views: Learning Metadata by Example
By Kirk Paul Lafler

SAS users can quickly and conveniently obtain useful information about their SAS session with read-only SAS data views called Dictionary tables or SASHELP views. At any time during a SAS session, information about currently defined system options, libnames, table names, column names, and attributes, formats, indexes, and more can be accessed and captured. This book will help all levels of SAS users learn all about the world of metadata in SAS software: With an instructive and conversational voice, SAS consultant and author Kirk Paul Lafler explains the purpose of each Dictionary table and SASHELP view, its contents, and many uses. A comprehensive and real-world, step-by-step, approach is presented, illustrating popular DATA step, PROC, and Enterprise Guide programming examples. This book explores the purpose of Dictionary tables and views, how they are accessed, and what information is available to SAS users. Readers learn how these important tables and views can be accessed and applied, using real-world scenarios.

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Statistical Modeling for Business with SAS
By Greg Lee

Statistical Modeling for Business is a set of critical applied statistics techniques for business in continuous and categorical analysis, with an emphasis on application in SAS.

Aimed at anyone wishing to understand the application of statistics models to business and related disciplines - both students and business practitioners. It is designed to be relevant to a complete beginner, therefore readers do not need and SAS background.

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