SAS 9.4 supports a new destination for ODS: EPUB. The ODS EPUB destination enables you to create SAS reports as e-books that look great and travel well on your smartphone or tablet. ODS EPUB is a part of Base SAS, and runs everywhere that Base SAS runs. Note that on z/OS, ODS EPUB requires the HFS file system. The ODS EPUB destination is designed to generate e-books that work optimally with the Apple iBooks e-book reader on iPad, iPhone, and iPod. Results might vary with other e-book readers.

On this page, you will find a gallery of examples to create accessible SAS output using the ODS EPUB destination.


Concept Illustrated SAS file EPUB output
Assigning alternative text to SAS graphs alt_text.epub
Do not use only color to convey meaning color_alone.epub
Assigning alternative text to imported images img.epub
Chart and Data Table nonlinear_table.epub
PROC PRINT Output table_output.epub