Introduction to Data Analysis Using SAS® Graphics Accelerator

Course Summary

This course introduces students with visual impairments or blindness (VIB) to data analysis using SAS Graphics Accelerator. SAS Graphics Accelerator enables users with VIB to explore data and graphs using non-visual methods such as sonification. Sonification uses sound to convey information.

The course begins with introductory modules that cover the basics of graphs, sonification, and SAS Graphics Accelerator. During the introductory modules, students do not directly use SAS Graphics Accelerator. Instead, students examine graphs in large print or tactile form, listen to audio representations of graphs, and answer questions about what they see, feel, and hear.

After the introductory modules, students learn how to use SAS Graphics Accelerator using hands-on activities.

Before You Begin

Provide each student with a computer that includes:

Download the graphs in .png format and print them as large print graphics or tactile graphics, as required by each student.

Course Materials