Electronic Product Registration

SAS is committed to developing superior software and offering world class support services to its customers. We believe we can enhance our users' experience by knowing more about the environments where our products are installed. To accomplish this, we have created an electronic product registration process that allows customers, at the time of installing SAS software, to send installation information to SAS. This information will place SAS in a better position to provide the high quality services that its customers expect and deserve.

What type of information is sent to SAS during the process?
Information sent to SAS includes machine characteristics and SAS software installed on the machine, such as operating system, machine vendor, CPU information (type and speed), patch levels, and other similar information. The process does not collect, transmit or use any personal information. For more information about SAS' privacy policy, please visit http://www.sas.com/Privacy.html

Will the transmission include any information about software other than SAS software?
No, other than the operating system, SAS will not collect any information about third party software in your computer environment.

What will SAS do with the information sent to it?
SAS will use the information only for its internal business purposes, such as to assess how long it took from the time it shipped the software to the time the software was installed; what hardware platform the software has been installed on; and how often its customers migrate to new machines. This will enable SAS to be more responsive to customer needs. SAS also intends to supply the information to its technical support unit so it may better assist customers when they call in with problems or questions about their SAS software. SAS will not sell or license the information to any non-affiliated third party.

Is participation in the electronic registration process mandatory?
No, the process is voluntary - customers are not required to participate.

Will customers be penalized or prevented from using the software if they choose not to participate?
No, but SAS encourages its customers to participate in the registration process, as it believes it can provide enhanced technical support services to those customers that elect to participate.

How does the electronic registration process work?
An activated component residing within SAS software will collect the information and write it to a file. The file will be versioned with a data/time stamp and sent back to SAS over the Internet.

How will the information be transmitted to SAS?
The information will be sent to SAS over the Internet in unencrypted text. The information will be obfuscated or scrambled while in transit, and then descrambled when it reaches SAS.

Will I have a chance to see the information sent to SAS?
You will have the opportunity to review the information before forwarding it to SAS.

Will the information be sent periodically or only at the time of the initial installation?
The information will be sent to SAS only upon the initial installation of the SAS software.

Does a machine need to be connected to the Internet to send the information to SAS?
Only machines connected to the Internet will be capable of sending information to SAS.

How long will the electronic product registration process take?
Electronic product registration should take only 10 to 30 seconds to complete.

Does the electronic product registration represent a change in licensing terms?
No, your existing licensing terms remain in tact and your consent to participate in the registration process is merely an extension of such terms.