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SAS® OnDemand for Professionals

Note: This product is no longer available for sale. View support for existing customers. A free learning version of SAS, SAS University Edition, is now available for academic and adult learners worldwide.


SAS OnDemand for Professionals: Enterprise Guide provides easy access to the power of SAS for individuals who want to grow their SAS skills or get SAS certified. Use SAS Enterprise Guide, either in point-and-click mode or in programming mode, to connect to the SAS server. You can access practice data from a series of SAS courses and books. All processing takes place on the SAS server and the results are returned to your PC.

Note: SAS OnDemand for Professionals: Enterprise Guide is not intended for commercial use; only practice data supplied by SAS can be used.


  • Choose the method that you prefer – programming or point-and-click – to access software and practice data on the Web.
  • Practice what you learn in a SAS class.
  • Prepare for a SAS certification exam.
  • Leverage course and book data for your learning.
  • Gain expertise using SAS Enterprise Guide.


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