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SAS® OnDemand for Professionals (Available in US and Canada)

Connect to a learning version of SAS.

The international beta test is underway. Subscribe to the Interest List to receive an update in early 2014.

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December 18 Upgrade: SAS Enterprise Guide Version 6.1, M1 is now available for all new licenses. Customers with Version 4.3 or 6.1, please use the Version 6.1, M1 upgrade instructions.


SAS OnDemand for Professionals: Enterprise Guide provides easy access to the power of SAS for individuals who want to grow their SAS skills or get SAS certified. Use SAS Enterprise Guide, either in point-and-click mode or in programming mode, to connect to the SAS server. You can access practice data from a series of SAS courses and books. All processing takes place on the SAS server and the results are returned to your PC.

Note: SAS OnDemand for Professionals: Enterprise Guide is not intended for commercial use; only practice data supplied by SAS can be used.


  • Choose the method that you prefer – programming or point-and-click – to access software and practice data on the Web.
  • Practice what you learn in a SAS class.
  • Prepare for a SAS certification exam.
  • Leverage course and book data for your learning.
  • Gain expertise using SAS Enterprise Guide.


6-month license:$199
12-month license:$299

" Regardless of your path – point-and-click, SAS programming, or a mix of each – SAS OnDemand for Professionals: Enterprise Guide provides a good learning environment to gain and practice your SAS skills. "

The SAS Dummy

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What is SAS OnDemand for Professionals?

SAS OnDemand for Professionals


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SAS OnDemand for Professionals
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