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The SAS Global Academic Program actively supports students who are using SAS technologies through a number of popular programs at little to no cost.

Access to SAS Software

Students around the world are using SAS in their course work and in their research projects. There are several options for students who want to gain access to SAS software.

SAS from your school
SAS has agreements with most schools that allow the school to distribute SAS directly to its students. A quick way to find if your school has this type of agreement is to go to your school's web page and locate the SEARCH area. Search using either "SAS" or "SAS Software" to see what is returned.

SAS University Edition
SAS University Edition is a no-cost, packaged offering of core SAS software. It is available to students, professors, academic researchers and lifelong learners. Once you download it to your PC, Mac, or Linux workstation, SAS works through virtualization software via your browser in standalone mode.

SAS OnDemand for Academics
SAS OnDemand for Academics is a software access method that provides professors and their students the analytic and reporting power of SAS over the Internet. Processing takes place on SAS hosted servers therefore there are no expensive hardware requirements, software administration, or disks to install. Only a broadband connection is required.

SAS Visual Analytics
College professors and students worldwide can incorporate hands-on experience with SAS Visual Analytics into instruction at no cost through a partnership with Teradata University Network (TUN) and SAS. SAS Visual Analytics allows you to explore data, create reports, and share results to the Web and mobile devices. Only a broadband connection is required.
There are a variety of ways to learn and continually develop SAS skills. The resources on this page represent useful sources of information designed to help you learn SAS.

SAS Books

SAS Bookstore offers many books particularly suited for use in learning SAS. There are books on programming, basic statistics, advanced analytics/predictive modeling, research/clinical, data mining, business intelligence and many more. As a student you are eligible for the academic discount of 20% off the price. Visit the SAS bookstore to learn more about the academic discount or to order products with an academic discount.

Stay up to date with the latest resources available

Generation SAS is a blog designed specifically for students and professors. Find out about tips and techniques, new program initiatives and opportunities to present your research.

Join a SAS user group

SAS User Groups are a great place to network and exchange ideas. Many SAS user groups provide student scholarships to attend their conferences. This is a great way to present your research and learn new ideas. Join a SAS user group today.

For more resources for learning SAS visit:

Present your research

SAS offers several programs to support students who use SAS in innovative ways to benefit their respective industries and fields of study.

SAS Student Ambassador Program
This competitive program rewards the top student users of SAS for research and will pay their travel expenses and registration fees to present at SAS Global Forum. Find out more about the most recent winners.

Learn more.

SAS Conference Scholarship Program
SAS offers a limited number of student and faculty scholarships to attend the annual SAS Global Forum Event. These scholarships are not research based and need not include a presentation component. The scholarship provides registration fees, a meal plan, and a free preconference training course.

Learn more.

PharmaSUG Present at a regional SAS user group conference
Great opportunities to network and exchange knowledge are yours when you present at or attend a SAS user group conference. Papers should spotlight how SAS is used, a tip/trick to use SAS, and can be for any level of SAS user. Scholarships are available and preference is given to students who present at the conference.

Present at the Analytics Experience Conference
The Analytics Experience provides students an opportunity to attend with over 100 sessions to choose from, a stellar line-up of keynotes, and specific events designed for students, like the Academic Summit. All of this at cost for students.
SAS skills are in high demand. The resources on this page will help you find ways to make the most of your SAS skills.

Stay up-to-date with the latest resources available

Generation SAS is a blog designed specifically for students and professors. Find out about the latest updates, tips and techniques, new program initiatives and opportunities.

See how SAS skills are used in different industries

If you are looking for a job and need some ideas on how you can apply your SAS skills, read some of these success stories to see how the SAS skills you learned in the classroom are being used in different industries.

Get SAS Certified

A great way for students to enhance their resume and showcase their SAS skills is to earn a SAS Certification. There are several SAS certifications available and lots of great resources to help students prepare for successful performance on the exam. Watch this short video to learn more about the SAS Certification Program or visit the SAS Certification Web site where you will find sample questions for the exams.