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In the Spotlight Canadian student uses BI to study cancer survival.
Read how a Canadian graduate student is using SAS BI to analyze factors related to long-term survival in cancer patients.

SAS Fellowship Program

United States, Latin America, Canada and the Caribbean

In support of student research, SAS launched the SAS Fellowship Program for the United States, Latin America, Canada and the Caribbean in 2006. This program gives students the opportunity to use SAS software, the world's leading analytic and business intelligence software, for research purposes. The SAS Student Fellowship Program provides support for students who want to use SAS in their research and are not provided access through their institution.

This competitive program gives students a free six-month license for SAS software to use in their research. Undergraduate, master's and doctoral students from the United States, Latin America, Canada and the Caribbean are eligible to apply to participate in the program, which will accept a limited number of students.

At the end of the grant period, students will be asked to share the results of their research with SAS to increase mindshare in academia.

How to apply
Students interested in participating in the program should:
  1. Contact studentprograms@sas.com regarding your interest in the fellowship.
    A fellowship program representative will schedule a brief call to discuss your research and need.
  2. You will be asked to fill out and submit an online application.
    Once your application is received, you will need to provide two letters of recommendation from faculty members.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact us via e-mail. Please include your full name and contact information.

Students studying outside of the United States, Latin America, Canada, and the Caribbean can also participate! To get more information, please send an e-mail to studentprograms@sas.com.