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Getting to Know SAS Enterprise Guide

SAS Supports Teaching and Learning with a User-Friendly Interface

EG brochure SAS is the industry leader in analytics. Whether you are new to SAS or an experienced user, we offer a comprehensive software package for teaching and learning. The SAS software package includes SAS Enterprise Guide, a user-friendly, point-and-click Windows client interface that provides quick access to the analytic power of SAS. View a demo.

Key benefits of SAS Enterprise Guide for academia:

Would you like more information about SAS Enterprise Guide?

SAS Enterprise Guide Demo – SAS Enterprise Guide provides professors, students and researchers with a point-and-click interface to the power of SAS. The point and click environment helps you every step of the way - from bringing in the data, to analyzing the data, to producing output.

SAS Enterprise Guide Online Documentation – Visit this Web site to get information about system requirements, installation instructions, FAQs, publications and more.

Training – Software training is available at a 50 percent discount to administrators, faculty and students for most courses. SAS offers a range of training options to meet your needs:

SAS Bookstore – SAS Publishing offers many books particularly suited for use in higher education. We recommend The Little SAS® Book for Enterprise Guide 4.1.. To receive a desk copy, click here.

SAS OnDemand for Academics – SAS Enterprise Guide is the point-and-click interface for this software:

Additional SAS resources are available to help you incorporate SAS Enterprise Guide into your curriculum and to support teaching and learning with SAS.

For higher education pricing information, call SAS at 1-800-727-0025 or fill out our online form.

Do you have access to SAS Enterprise Guide?

Check the local drive on your computer (C:\Program Files) and open the SAS folder. Look for SAS Enterprise Guide. If you do not have SAS Enterprise Guide, contact your institution's software acquisitions personnel. Many academic customers license a bundle designed for education, and this bundle includes SAS Enterprise Guide, so it may be worth checking out.